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  • INCLUDES THE POWERFUL ACTIVATION AUDIO BY PAUL SANTISI. Paul guides you along while you activate yourself through the intention of pendant.
  • Paul Santisi personally puts his "pure loving, positive intention"into each piece on a one by basis for each person
  • You will feel it's energy as the moment you hold it you will feel it vibrate, tingle and buzz.
  • It's time that we all have the opportunity to have a good luck piece,tailsman or amulet that has powerful, positive and supportive energy put into it for only us.
  •  Ultra high quality. Made from solid energy attracting metals.
  •  Beautiful 3D touch design. You will feel all the amazing details.
  • Symbols that attract.  The "flower of life" and the "torus of energy". These two symbols are the most descriptive symbols to what we as the human species can translate into how energy flows as the Law Of Attraction.
  • Connect with Universal SOURCE energy and amplify your abilties.
  • Take COMMAND and be able to create your own luck!
  • Tap into the energetic power of true intention. That is kept a  HUGE SECRET because of it’s amazing power!
  • Release that "magic touch" for prosperity. 
  • Release negative blocks and blow out negative energy for good. 
  • Become a source of positive influence to others.
  • Increase self worth, confidence and know that everything    will always work out to your advantage.
  • Embrace and release the dormant genius within.  To become the “CREATOR” that you are meant to be!
  •  Connect with the most powerful universal symbols of creation.
  • Achieve all of your life’s desires with 100% knowingness and 100% certainty no matter what your present situation is right now.
  • You are moments away from becoming better, happier, more motivated, and empowered.
  • You will vibrate with such high positive energy. That you will be thrilled to wake up each day because you will be your own GOOD LUCK GENERATOR!

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